We believe God is immensely working through this mission to start countless Gospel conversations. The Lord is faithfully overflowing blessing onto this ministry, and we want to also, faithfully pour out blessing onto others. From early beginnings of this brand we decided to donate 25% of our proceeds to ministries like the Salt Company and others who have a like minded mission like ours, and a heart centered on proclaiming the Gospel. Our desire as a brand is to stand out for the Gospel, and one of our favorite ways to do this is giving a large percentage of every order to ministries that matter. Know that every purchase you make this year doesn't only provide you with proclamation tools, but also enables us to help provide tools for people to hear the Gospel all across the world! Part of our donation in 2020 will be given to The Salt Network to help plant churches on college campuses across the nation, as well as IllumiNATIONS, an organization with the mission to translate the Bible in every language. There are still 3,865 languages on the earth that don't have a Bible translated in their tongue. We are excited that together we can play a small role in making that number someday shrink to nothing.

When you purchase a shirt, you give yourself a new opportunity for Gospel proclamation, and you help give others the opportunity to do the same! 

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