We are in a very confusing time and now more than ever, people are losing hope, falling into fear, and losing security. This gives us the opportunity to point people to the security that can only be found in Jesus!

We have decided to offer a BOGO Sale (buy one GIVE one) - we’ve been very prayerful and thoughtful about this decision over the past week, and we have decided to offer “buy one GIVE one” for a limited time. Our prayer and desire for this sale is not that the person purchasing the shirt benefits, but the Gospel spreads and that people next to you benefit from it. That is why we want to first change the meaning of BOGO, from buy one GET one to buy one, GIVE one. How we desire this to work: starting today, when you purchase any shirt on our website you will get a black, grey, white, or cream shirt for FREE.(the $20 ones)

Use code: BUY1GIVE1 at checkout.(make sure you have both shirts in your cart) The shirt you get for FREE is for you to give to a neighbor or friend that needs to hear the Gospel in these hard and confusing times. Deliver the shirt and share the Good News with them, or write them a note and leave it with the shirt on their front porch. During this unknown season, it is more important than ever to point people to a known God. Although we can’t control what will happen with the shirt or if you will actually give it to someone in need of the Gospel. But we hope and trust that your desires for Gospel proclamation align with ours. We ask that you only participate in this sale if you have the intent to GIVE the shirt that you get for free to someone who needs it! 

1 Corinthians 10:24 “Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor.”

We are so excited for offer you this unique way to seek the good of your neighbor and to hear the incredible stories of Gospel proclamation that come from it!