BLDR Trailer


We would love to bring our Trailer to your event to positively impact your community and stir on the desire to start Gospel centered conversations! If you are a facilitator of an event or know someone who is, we would love for you to sign up in the link below! We are so excited for the year ahead and what the Lord has in store for furthering our mission of Christ-focused boldness! We want every community possible to boldly share the life of Christ and have a simple yet tangible way to start Gospel-focused conversations. We believe that way is a T-shirt. A T-shirt that gets people to ask, "What is BLDR?" A question that simple opens a wide door to share the incredible news that Christ came to earth, lived a perfect life of servanthood, died a sinners death on the cross, and rose again three days later conquering sin and death, so that we may enter into new life in him, and one day be resurrected ourselves. We believe that having the Trailer at your event would allow BLDR shirts to flood your community and promote the Gospel on every corner, spurring on Christ-focused and Gospel-centered conversations everywhere you turn. As shirts go out, so does the Gospel.